Dr. Syed Yousuf Ahmed

Chairman, Board of Governors

Message for Future Doctor

H.I.R.M will inspire, motivate, and empower students to become excellent and caring therapists, healers, and leaders.

It is a great privilege to prepare students to help shape the future of healthcare. Our philosophy is that if our students do not succeed, we do not succeed.

Part of that success is ensuring that we have the right facilities and environment for teaching and learning. We ultimately see this resulting in people having the skillsets to be employed in good-paying jobs, establishing a successful clinic and career.

Pandemic has brought a massive change in our world. Entire working and learning environment have changed, making population more prone to sedentary lifestyles resulting is posture related issues and associated pains and problems. This will open up an area where Doctors of Physical Therapy can help and heal the community. This is one of the many reasons that Physical Therapy is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.

Doctors of Physical therapy are the need of the hour and is destined to have a promising future and massive respect in the community.

We have also taken covid era into consideration while planning our purpose built campus for Hayat Institute. All our spacious classrooms and labs open up centrally in a beautiful courtyard for ample air ventilation and natural light. Maximum measures have been taken for the physical and emotional well being of our students who are the future healers of the community.

I as a Diabetes specialist do realize the importance of Doctors of Physical Therapy in our clinics daily and how our patients benefits from their expertise and help.

I consider it an honor for me that I am part of one of the best and largest college of Pakistan for Dpt program, and pray that may Allah help Hayat Institute to reach its full potential and make it a source of benefit for all. On behalf of the Board of Governors of Hayat Institute, welcome to the future of Physical Therapy.

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